Heroes In Fidelis Foundation


Heros in Fidelis Foundation, translated from Latin to English means “the Hero of the Faithful.” Our Heroes are those who have given so much to the Catholic community. Our Heroes are the priests and nuns, who have dedicated the past 40 years +/- of their lives to us, the Catholic lay community . These individuals have been with us every step of the way to guide us in becoming the Catholics we are today.

The diocesan priests have been there to baptize us, confirm us, they have been mentors and teachers to guide us to become better Catholics. They have heard our confessions, our joys,our fears and our tears. Our heroes have directed our moral compass, they have married us and buried us.

Now these individuals are joining the ranks of the retired in large numbers. Many of these individuals will not retire well; some have happily worked for low wages through the years to enable the growth of the church. Because of these low wages, social security will only pay an estimated $600.00 per month. Many Dioceses are there to assist in the care of the retired, some can not.

Heros in Fidelis Foundation was created to become a lay Catholic organization that will fill in gaps that retirement can not fill.

The organization is being managed by members of the Catholic Lay community,The local members of the Knights of Columbus and Faith Based Revenue corporation, a non-profit, 501 (c3). Funding in part comes from CatholicFlowers.org