Our Goals are to do three things well;  we want to care for our seminarians, our active priests and our beloved retired priests. We must spend more time listening carefully to the needs of our priests,  so we may better serve. The Foundation truly believes that our priests are heroes. The dictionary defines a hero as:

a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

We feel this is an apt description for our Catholic clergy.

Our plans for the immediate future are to finish negotiating with national programs that will assist the retired on their needs, and to evangelize the foundation and our progressive approach to solutions.  We have had numerous request to expand, however we are going to take our own advice and take care of our house first. We expect to start expansion plans towards the years end, this will allow the foundation the ability to serve more seminarians, more active priests and our retired priest, just as they have served us and will in the future.

We will strive to include other ministries in our growth, as most responsible Non Profits understand that the duplication of efforts are not the best use of an individual’s donation for an organization. Together, we can become better servants of our Catholic faith, Its time for Catholic businesses and the lay community to be in lock step on this plan. If you are a Catholic business, please contact us, so we may discuss how we can work together on caring for our Seminarians, active priests, and retired priests.


     “The Future Begins Today, Not Tomorrow”.- Saint John Paul II