Heros in Fidelis Foundation started about two years ago. After beginning the process of educating ourselves on the needs of the retired priest and the seminarians, the need for a new kind of foundation became apparent. Enter “Heros in Fidelis Foundation”   Many priests right now are in need of assistance and the retirement fund for many Catholic clergy is under  funded by approximately 8 Billion dollars. The levels of needs vary from diocese to diocese

We tried to find out how this could happen; was it the medical costs skyrocketing out of control?  We did learn of many possible causes:  the prices of goods increased, the cost of living increased, and priests are living longer. Our Catholic priests in retirement are in a similar situation that our seniors face today.  The cost of living has increased,  and retirement plans are often under-funded.  There is also a high number of priests retiring at the same time and this has created stress on retirement funds for Catholic clergy. We are still learning.

Nearly 50% of all active priests will be retiring by 2019. This a large number especially when you consider only 400 seminarians were ordained to become Diocesan priest last year.

We began to look at just where this retirement dilemma began.  This begins when individuals enter the seminary. As young men, these future priests work diligently for many years before becoming priests.  After ordination,  these priests will serve for very little money, and there just isn’t enough to invest for a decent retirement. One may think this a church problem, or a diocese issue.  We believe the Catholic lay community can fix this.  Together .

The retirement dilemma right now is affecting our senior priests. In the past few years, we have learned of senior priests who are in need. Many have stories that we just won’t repeat, to protect the individuals maintain their dignity.  Heros in Fidelis Foundation started the “priest in Need” program just for the retired priests who might need some financial help during a difficult time.  It is our way of letting them know that they will not be left out in their time of need.

Heros in Fidelis foundation recently awarded a seminarian with the Angel Award.  This award was created to act as a foundation for his retirement many years from now. Year after Year, The fund will grow into a healthy addition retirement fund. It is our hope that if we fund the Heros in Fidelis Angel award now ,  while  in the early stage of the priesthood, we can guarantee that the future of retired priest will be a retirement of joy , the funding of  our seminarian futures will almost certainly put end to the retirement dilemma. Heros in Fidelis Foundation  recently awarded the retirement award (  now, called the Angel award) .It will be with prayer and help from the Catholic community we can do it! Let us all look forward to that beautiful day, when there is no such thing as a priest in need . We owe this to our church and to especially  those who will inherit the Catholic church.

As a non-profit, we have the utmost respect for those who donate. We believe that a donation is your money that you have entrusted to us; we have no side agenda. We believe if you donate, you have the right to know how your donation was used.

Heros in Fidelis Foundation realizes that there are many causes to support. However, we feel one should not open the front door everyday and step over a problem to go down the street to help out. We need to take care of our own house first to become better at helping down the street.

                Please find it in your heart to help us in this lay Catholic mission. Together, we can make a better tomorrow


” A single act of showing dignity can have positive consequences beyond anything you can imagine”  Nivek Prah