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Today’s priest only wishes there were a miracle clock that could help them with their busy days.  As you will see below the numbers say everything, there is no one to really to blame, many of the priest working and celebrating mass today are actually retired and need the stipend to financially survive.
In the United States, our priest to lay person ratio stands around 1:1500.  So  if one thinks the priest shortage is serious in the U.S,  with our aging priests and declining numbers; however, the U.S. is faring better than many other countries.  In Brazil, the largest Catholic country in the world, the ratio is 1:8600.   In the Philippines, with the largest Catholic population in Asia,  that goes up to 1:9400.

Heros in Fidelis Foundation realizes that as priests become busier they have less time to care for their own needs and health. We are hard at work right now to create a program that will provide meals for the active priest and the retired priest, by creating a central hub with localized menu choices, favorite recipes, low fat options for health and photos of the finished culinary items. The new program will be called:

                        “The Earth could exist more easily without the sun than without The Holy sacrifice of the Mass”  – Saint Padre Pio