Global Priest day, which falls on the 29th of October. On this Sunday, it will become our day to serve those who have served us and will in the future , Please join us in this celebration at your local church , bring a gift of any kind, Bring a big card with signatures of local Catholics.

We have so many ways in that we can show our appreciation. As groups around the country  prepare, Please share with us your creative ways of showing your appreciation to your priest. Please also include your seminarians and retired and those who are at the diocese office. 

As this country moves towards the possibility of an extended build up in the mid east region, We must give Thanks and our prayers to Military Chaplains who sacrifice and put there selves in harms way (daily) to bring our troops the word of our lord . Please reach out your church office locate your nearest chaplain. Do not let an opportunity like this to pass by without reaching out to others for our Military Chaplains, we owe them our appreciation and daily prayers.