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Welcome Father, you have arrived at your retirement! When a priest retires, will it be a time of well-deserved relaxation, or will he have to cut corners on medication and treatment options due to cost?  Did he save enough to carry him through the rest of his life?

While there are many priests that retire comfortably; it will vary from Diocese to Diocese.  It has been estimated, however, by 2030 there will be an underfunding of 9 billion dollars for the retirements of our priests. This is an estimation; even at lesser numbers, it still presents a problem. How can we as the Catholic lay community solve this puzzle?

Heros in Fidelis foundation has created a program to assist in preserving the dignity of our precious retired priests.  We have created the Priest in Need program that will provide assistance for priest who are truly in need. So far, all the priests that have received assistance have been from very limited means.


Our programs will be able to assist in pharmaceutical needs, dental and medical co-pays, back to health programs, and durable medical equipment.  The requests will depend upon the individual. Heros in Fidelis Foundation believes in preserving the dignity of each priest in need.  Our program starts with a form that can be filled out on line; we them eliminate the priest’s name and replace it with a case number so our board can approve the needs, not the person. We conduct due diligence with the help of the Vicar of Senior priests ( where available ) We examine solutions for each request. It is never our intent to capitalize on a photo of a senior priest; any photos used are stock photos,  No one should see the face of retired priest with the caption ” I need Help”. 

As, Heros in Fidelis Foundation grows, so will our programs. We are currently laying the ground work with a national ride-share company to assist retired priests to doctor appointments, Also being worked on is a meal creation and  delivery service by parishioners called “Meals for the Masses”. This program will utilize a Hub type web service to show images and recipes along with comments from those who are preparing the meals. We will also have meal calendars, surveys for priests and the retired. A special thanks to all the individuals who have fed our priests. These individuals are the unsung are the backbone of the church. Our ‘Meals for the Masses” website will highlight their talents, become a recipe data base and social hub with photos .

Please note, Heros in Fidelis Foundation will conduct our own due diligence on each retired Priest, We as a non-profit are unable to honor the requests from priests who are not in good standing with the Roman Catholic Church.

We hope that you will be able to contribute to Heros in Fidelis Foundation, so we can better serve those, who serve us.

 “In Christ & Though Christ Humanity Has Acquired Full Awareness of its Dignity & The Meaning of Its Existence” -Saint John Paul II