Catholic Flowers create a donation with every purchase

” Do not try to please everybody.  Try to please God, the angels, and the saints- they are your public” St. John Vianney.

Our Seminarians are the future and lifeblood of the Catholic Church.  Heros in Fidelis foundation understand the difficult years of study and devotion these young men have committed themselves to; however, our goal is to let them know they are not alone. Although the Church has a vast support system for the seminarians, the entire Catholic community awaits their ordination.

The Heros in Fidelis Foundation was created to support not only the retired, but our seminarians as well.  The Foundation has created the “Angel Award,” which was named after our first recipient, Angel Jomar Garcia. Angel is from the Orlando diocese and is completing his studies at St. John Vianney seminary  located in Miami, FL.

He has been awarded a retirement award ( now called the Angel Award) that will increase annually, so he will be able to enjoy a retirement, and never be a “priest in need”.  The Foundation  also will be sending periodic informational  videos to him as a primer for saving for the future. We also encourage him to take advantage of the diocese investment plans that ensure him a good retirement. By funding our seminarians now, We prevent a future with priests in need.

It is our dream, that someday Heros in Fidelis Foundation will retire the use of the ” Priest in Need” application.

It’s not just the money.  For every seminarian given the “Angel Award,” it is our hope that these individuals will feel the support and love of the Catholic community now and throughout their lives.

Please help us in our mission to ensure a better future for the Catholic church.

   ” Do Not Be Afraid To be Saints-  Saint John Paul II